Book review: Democracy in Exile

CornellUP.jpgI reviewed Daniel Bessner’s excellent new book Democracy in Exile: Hans Speier and the Rise of the Defense Intellectual for the Fellow Travelers blog. Spoiler: I liked it a lot.

You can read the review here, and find out more about the book at the Cornell University Press website here.

(More) Urban community landownership

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 11.53.03 AM

I’ll be dipping back into the community land sphere later this week at the annual Community Land Scotland conference. Tickets are all sold-out, but if you already have yours, come along to my two workshops on urban community landownership!

I also did two case studies that are now up on the CLS website (in much higher quality than this screenshot), so check those out.

Modelling & labour

27748181_180497972680606_2085580034881070338_o.pngThe New Pretender has published an essay of mine about modelling work, what it teaches us about precarity, and how the industry can change. You can read it here.

Here’s an excerpt:

Modelling might seem like atypical work, a vocation that doesn’t have a lot in common with more regular jobs. That is the prevalent image of the trade, both inside and out. But with its long-standing entrepreneurial ethos and individual careers that are as evanescent as the fashion cycles, models are in many ways at the forefront of new forms of precarity. This is particularly true when we consider how atomised workers perceive themselves in ways that seem to deny the possibility of collective action.

This will probably be the last thing I write about modelling for a while. But some of my favourites from The Business Model back catalogue can be found here:

  • this essay on diversity/representation and selling ‘health’ (here)
  • this essay on why the labour experience of black models—and the consumer experience of viewing images of black models—of today resembles that of the post-war era more than the Civil Rights era (here)
  • and some of my favourite interviews are: this one with historian Dr. Elspeth Brown (here); this one with the Australian Union representing models (here).

Urban Community Landownership in Scotland in 2018

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 5.36.17 PMMy report on urban community land ownership in Scotland has been published today and is available to download here.

I’ll also be leading a workshop on urban community land at CLS’ South West Gathering event next week in Dumfries, which you can learn about here.

Update: Find some more urban land reform chat with me in this article in The National, on BBC Radio Scotland (at 1h50 available until 06/05), and in the Herald.

Community Land Scotland Event

Urban inviteUpdate: I had a wee chat with CommonSpace about the event, which you can read about here.

Community Land Scotland is holding an event on 6 March to discuss the future on urban community land ownership in Scotland. The program will include presentations and discussions with communities and a presentation by myself about the findings of my research into the subject.

Please register here.